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About Us

Snake Hawk Press is more than a Creative Firm


Welcome to our shop.  The carefully curated items featured on our website are custom hand-pulled print editions and super rad screen printed goods.  Most of the works included were created by Cruz Ortiz, but we are also excited to feature other works by our team of award winning designers. 

Our Snake Hawk Family has supported us and made the Snake Hawk Brand recognizable on a global scale. We make things that people want to be a part of --- it is as simple as that.


Snake Hawk includes a fully operational fabrication shop, a print studio with screen printing presses and three classic vintage letterpress machines. If we can do it by hand then we absolutely will. This gives each work an authenticity you just can't get off of a digital printer.


We are nestled in an old train station just south of downtown San Antonio. Snake Hawk is usually alive with energy from our latest project. Schedule a visit with us or swing by on an open studio day. We have a bucket of beers and will happily show you around.

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Fashion Design

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Marketing Director